Airport Weather

KCBM VFR 230@3 30.19
KMEM VFR Calm 30.15
KJAN VFR Calm 30.23
KXNA VFR Calm 30.10
KLIT VFR 270@3 30.14
KHSV VFR Calm 30.18
KBNA VFR 200@5 30.14
KFSM VFR 060@4 30.11



Top Controllers

This Week

Name Hours
Clemens Martin4.20
Richard Sill4.17
Chase Prickett3.27
Kyle Bain2.53
Colton Albonetti1.20

This Month

Name Hours
Clemens Martin61.49
David Yoder60.29
John Camacho31.28
Seojun Oh31.10
Richard Sill28.18

Mission Statement

The mission of the Memphis ARTCC is to provide excellent air traffic services on the VATSIM network with professional and Southern hospitality. To support this mission, the Memphis ARTCC strives to:
(1) provide as realistic a simulated air traffic control environment as necessary, by favoring a reasonable, common-sense approach to controlling on the network rather than strict adherence to realism;
(2) promote Southern hospitality, that is, to make reasonable accomodations to users flying through our airspace, which includes providing courteous, professional, and respectful service to all pilots, and refraining from appeals for disciplinary action, except for the most egregious deviations;
(3) maintain a roster of respectful, highly-motivated, well-trained, and experienced controllers; and
(4) provide a supportive and highly-educational environment for training student controllers.
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